North Birmingham
Small Scale DAB Multiplex

We're Brumdab

We're the operators of the Small Scale DAB Multiplex for North Birmingham. Brumdab is operated by Switch Radio, an Ofcom-licenced community radio station in North Birmingham. For the past six years, we've also operated Trial Birmingham, one of the ten trial multiplexes advertised by Ofcom that were the predecessors to the full licences. Our plans are ambitious and based on both ours and Ofcom's assessments, once our network is complete, we'll reach 94% of the adult population in our advertised polygon (approximately 562,000 adults). 

We're keen to hear from any services who are interested in carriage on the multiplex. Whether you're an established radio station, an online station looking to expand, or a potential community radio station; we'd love to talk to you about what we can offer!

In keeping with Ofcom regulations, we have seven slots which are reserved for Community Digital Service Programme (C-DSP) licence holders. If you are interested in running a community-driven radio station, you may wish to consider the C-DSP licence pathway for your station. We're happy to chat through the options with you - just pop us a message!

We are aiming to transition from our existing Trial licence in early 2022.